NEW DATABASE: Repertorium Academicum Germanicum

The Graduate Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire, 1250 – 1550


Kaspar Gubler, Christian Hesse and Rainer Schwinges (Universität Bern, Historisches Institut) announce a new version of the Repertorium Academicum Germanicum – RAG

The prosopographic database of the RAG contains information on the elites of the medieval student body: Masters or Licentiates of Arts and gratuates of the three higher faculties (jurisprudence, theology and medicine).  Additionally nongraduates from the noblity who attended an university are also taken into account. 

It includes among others:

– 56,000 scholars in Europe (1250-1550) with:

– 150,000 name variants
– 320,000 life stations (such as: professor, canon, official, ambassador, author, musician, alchemist, etc.)
– 250’000 references
It includes also: 

– 1000 monasteries
– 4000 churches

The life stations of the scholars can be visualized on maps and in networks.
All research data is published on a daily basis and the visualizations are dynamically generated from this data.

The search criteria are constantly being extended. For the time being, you can search in combination with the following criteria:

– Personal names (with name variants)

– Place of origin of the person at the time of enrollment

– Visited universities

– Doctorate degrees

– Social background

Directly to the query:

Instructions for the query:

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